Kinetic Creatinine Free of Chromatic Interference - Unique from Synermed

This method is free of interference from Hemoglobin, Bilirubin or Lipemias. The samples can be run without deproteinization or dilution. The methodology uses two reagents and is free of interference in cases of newborn icterus due to the low concentration during this period, in patients undergoing hemodialysis or where ascorbic acid is present at elevated levels, such interferences being very common with the traditional Jaffe methodology

The reaction :

  1. Mix R1 + sample and incubate for about 3 minutes. During this incubation the R1 eliminated chemically the interferences from bilirubin, hemoglobin and lipemias.
  2. After this incubation add the R2 and incubate for about 1 minute and start the reading.
  3. The reaction is in Fixed Time.
  4. When using all of the traditional (Jaffe kinetic) methods currently on the market, samples having elevated bilirubin or hemoglobin levels require that the laboratory deproteinize to eliminate severe interference.

Below are two graphics. The 1° one is the traditional Jaffe reaction and the interference of unconjugated/conjugated bilirubin and hemoglobin occurred during the production of the Creatinine reaction. On the 2° graphic with the Synermed method after the 1° incubation with R1, the sample is totally free of interferences and, after the addition of the R2 the reaction curve is produced without interference.

kinetic creatinine 1
Traditional Kinetic Jafffe

kinetic creatinine 2
Synermed VI 560 Creatinine
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