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T Bilirubin

Synermed® IR700 total bilirubin is not based upon the diazo reaction and is therefore not subject to chemical interference from hemoglobin as are all diazo methods. Urinary indicans which are measured by most automated diazobilirubin methods have no effect in the infrared method. Chromatic interferences are minimized by detection at 700 nm where hemoglobin and lipemia have little absorbance. The method is optimized for performing bilirubin assays on sera which contain hemoglobin along with high levels of bilirubin, such as often occurs with pediatric samples.

            • Mono Reagent
            • Ready-to-Use Liquid Reagent
            • Minimizes Chromatic Interferences
            • Eliminates Troublesome Negative Values
            • Room Temperature Stability
            • Useful After Infusion With Artificial Blood
            • Reliable Values on Uremic Patients


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